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Sun bouquet | Lucille | Small wavy disc


Price doesn't include shipping - Flat shipping rate of $35.00 applies on all orders (below $2,000.00) -  Please see below, instructions for shipping charge     

  • Unique and eye catching  small (mini) wave shaped home and garden decor ornament
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Made of acrylic with embedded fluorescent substances
  • This combination of materials glow with an exposure to virtually any light; sun, UV rays (during cloudy day), indoor light, LED light, fluorescent and other (EXCLUDING mon light and streetlight)
  • Never fade 
  • Fast and easy to assemble 
  • All weather resistance (rain, humidity, heat, snow hail andwinds)
  • UV protected 
  • 10 years warranty (from fading) 
  • Quality product made in Germany  
  • Various colors available:  Bouquet of Yellow "Minies" | Buquest of Multi Color "Minies" (1 yellow/1 red / 1 green)
  • Product Size:  3 1/4" ø Disc
  • Supplied in gift envelop - 3 units in envelop + 2 clear 10" stems 
  • Price includes all three units in an envelop

Flat shipping rate of $35.00 applies on all orders (below $2,000.00) 

Every product has several icons of color options and one unique Shipping Icon.  

Unique “Shipping Icon” applies for orders of Suncatchers ONLY.

Order for mixed products and colors in allowed for the calculaiton of Flat Shipping Rate.

Apply Flat Shipping charge option only once for each order.   

When completing your Suncatchers order with value BELOW $2,000.00, please use the unique Shipping Icon for the shipping charge.  

Disregard "Retail Price" of Flate Shiping Rate line in color option section of this product.