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Moringa Kit for New Mothers and babies

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Nourish yours and your baby's skin and body, naturally boost your milk supply.

Buy Now and Get FREE Moringa Capsules Refill Bag (Extra 1 month Moringa leaf capsules supply) 

This Moringa bundle contains:

Choose Moringa Cream (Recovery Balm 1 oz / Moisturizing Cream 1.7 oz)

Balm - Moringa Body Butter Recovery Balm is your most effective and natural remedy. It contains just six ingredients, all of which provide exceptional skin healing properties.

Cream - Rich in organic Moringa oil, this light cream will restore vitality in your skin with the natural ingredients of the healing organic Moringa oil, shea butter, aloe vera, sea salt, vitamins, minerals, and jojoba oil for effective absorption.

Choose Moringa Soap Bar (Lavender Scent / Rose Scent) - 4oz.

A 4 oz Natural soap, enriched with Organic Moringa oil, Bentonite / Rose Clay and essential oils.
Anti-bacterial, excellent for various skin problems, helps to maintain, nourish, and rehabilitate the skin.

Organic moringa oil - 60ml

Rich in antioxidants, Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, our pure and natural organic Moringa Oleifera seed oil is 100% certified organic, The highest quality you can find. The light oil is a perfect substitute for thick unnatural moisturizers. 

It spreads easily and leaves your skin feeling soft, fresh, and nourished.

Moringa leaf capsules - 1 Moringa Capsules in a Jar + 1 FREE Moringa Capsules Refill Bag ( 2 Months Supply )

Organic Moringa leaf powder contains more of the essential nutrients you would find in common healthy foods.
Moringa is scientifically proven to increase breastmilk supply. Moringa leaves are a natural galactagogue. You will get 3 amazing benefits in 1 capsule.
Help to improve breastmilk quantity and quality, make breast milk more nutritious, and strengthen the body after birth.