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Aqua White Incense Holder / Pendant

by Ayadee
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In several cultures, fish symbolizes good fortune, so what better shape for our incense holders. With its intricate stitches-like design, it turns into an arifact that symbolizes abundance. When not used as an incense holder, Aqua can turn into a beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree or fall your walls.

Each one is made by hand, which means—just like you—each one is truly unique.

Dimensions: 4.25" X 3.5"

Limited edition: This product is numbered and from a limited edition of 250

Comes with a certificate of authenticity, an introductory booklet and a dust bag

Stitches Collection: With a simple thread, we can give a second life to a vintage dress, a teddy bear or even to our own flesh. It’s impressive how little it takes to make things whole again. If a simple thread can provide so much strength, a thoughtful word and a kind smile can lift someone’s spirit. A beautiful reminder that with just a mundane act of kindness we can change the life of others